Thursday, 19 April 2018

This blog needs a doctor... John Watson at your service!

It's far too long since I posted some lines here. Maybe a last attempt to bring this blog to live again...

At Tactica 2018 some fellows and me presented a participation game featuring the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War. To decorate the battlefield we wanted some vignette which lead me to the humble piece.
Since I've already added a detachment of the 66th Regiment of Foot (the unlucky Berkshire regiment) it was a no-brainer that I had to add Dr Watson as well (in the introduction of "A Study in Scarlet" it's mentioned that Watson served with the 66th and was wounded during the battle of Maiwand).

The vignette is based on the excellent hospital set which Perry Miniatures have in their Sudan range. After consulting a couple of reference books and an interesting conversation with sculptor Michael Perry who is very studied regarding the mentioned conflict I realized that the only real hindrance might be the helmets and the characteristic puggree. Luckily in their NWF plastic set there is an officer’s head with a cap bearing a 66 (for the 66th Regiment) which I put on Watson’s body after removing the given pit helmet. Although the neck looks a bit strange I’m rather satisfied with my humble conversion work.
The stretcher bearer who's standing by had the puggree just grinded away slightly. Then I painted it khaki to resemble the helmets with the iconic covers.
As usual I employed mostly Vallejo Model colours as well as the splendid set of skin colours Wargames Foundry is offering. Finally I added a coat of matt varnish and a couple of grass tufts and a couple of pieces of clump foliage.


Monday, 1 January 2018

Friday, 29 December 2017

NWF Update: Current Troops

Just a short one before the year comes to its end. Currently NWF is my main project. Although I'm a lousily slow painter my collection of British / Indian troops is growing constantly. Here's a quick view at the latest additions:

45th (Rattray's Sikh) Regiment of Native Infantry

Second Lieutenant Walter Rice Olivey
My interpretation of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot was finished a while ago. At least as a smallish 12 figure detachment. But I needed some more time to prepare the flags. Thus those two brave ensign - who both fell in the battle of Maiwand in 1880 - had to wait some time.

Second Lieutenant Arthur Honywood

9pdr Royal Horse Artilley
Of course there's some heavy stuff needed as well. Here's a 9pdr to start with.

Heliograph Team
As well as in the Sudan and in Zulu land the British deployed Heliograph teams in Afghanistan to maintain a certain amount of communication. To have a team different from the excellent Sudan models by Perry Miniartures I built up some chaps from a combination of the NWF plastics and the Zulu British plastics by the same company.

That's it for now. Just a short post to show that I'm still alive and painting.

Have a good new year's eve tomorrow and all the very best for 2018!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

Merry Christmas, a happy boxing day and a most happy new year! All the best for 2018 to you and your kin!


Thursday, 23 November 2017

CRISIS 2017 - Part 1

Let's do it again!
After half a year of absence from my blog I'm trying to revive this obervation window to my workbench and relatied things. My apologies to those who came here to see this old article from May and who had to withdraw disappointedly.

It's not that I lost my hobby mojo but during the last months hobby time has been precious. Too precious actually to use it to take pictures and prepare articles I thought but after all I discovered how valuable those connection within the bloggosphere grew to me and that they diserve a lot more care than I spent lately. Thus I'll start as I ended: With a show report.

The first Saturday each year is reserved for one of the most - if not the most - important wargaming shows on the European continent: CRISIS in Antwerp. This year my THS club fellows and me decided to bring fourth a project that mainly my friends Michael, Bernhard and I myself belaboured: The Nortwest Frontier (aka. 2nd Anglo-Afghan War). But this shall be covered in a second articles. First for the show itself, some impressions from the wonderful tables the other clubs brought and for a series of tremendous ecnounters I had.

As usual CRISIS took place in two large hangars near the Schelde river in the centre of Antwerp. Traffic is always an issues these days since there have been extensive roadworks proceeding in whole Antwerp for the last years. Nevertheless we were rather lucky this year. We billeted on the Ibis Budget Antwerp Port and luckily our paths led us around the heaviest construction zones.

Anyway at 10am the show opens for audience and within minutes the larege hangars are filled with hobby enthusiasts from all over Europe. What makes CRISIS so special for us continentals is that a lot of British traders and visitors use the opportunity for a quick jump over the channel. It's always tremendous to see those people face to face who I usually know from Blogger, Facebook or Skype only.

As international as the crowd is are the presenters. Thus clubs from Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Germany come there to present their output. Here are some impressions of a few table:

Later that day the stand of the Too Fat Lardies turned out a most important place to be for me. On Friday I read that the Lardies would bring Adam 'Sidney Roundwood' as aide for their Sharp Practise participation game. Thus I showed up there around 11am and made Sidney's enjoyable acquaintance. We had a good chat about hobby and real life while some other well known fellows creeped up on us. All of a sudden an illustrious fellowship scraped out from the crowd and Dave D. (One man and his brushes), Nick (Moiterei), Christopher (Axebreaker) and most surprising Curt (Analogue Hobbies) appeared. I knew that Dave wanted to come and I had been really looking forward to meeting him but making the other fellows acqaintance was a sublime moment of surprise. Unfortunately Sidney was too busy to join us but we others found the time to have a pint and a chat during which Sander (...) with his son joined us. We had a wonderful hour of conversation which I truly enjoyed beyond all measure. This small blogger gathering really made my day!

At 5pm then CRISIS came to an end. It was a blast of a day in many respects. A great weekend trip with my club friends, a wonderful rally with friends at the show and last but not last a good oportunity for some Christmas shopping. Here's the loot:

Not too much this year but at least...
- the CRISIS special miniature 'Till Eulenspiegel'
- a set of additional special figures 'Till's Companions'
- a wonderful miniature of Lord Uxbridge by Gringo40s
- a nice incarnation of the 'Iron Duke' by Wargames Illustrated
- some grass tufts from Warbases
- walking and neeling camels with baggage by Iron Duke Miniatures
- a couple of modern miniatures and a technical by Spectre
- a frame of modern plastics from the Crisis bag

That's it for now. I'll try to be back soon and will cover our NWF game then. See you soon!